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Statistical Approach Able To Pinpoint Real from Artifact Alerts

Using a statistical approach known as Random Forest modeling, real and artifact vital sign events from continuous monitoring data have been distinguished in a study by McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine affiliated faculty members Michael Pinsky, MD, and Gilles Clermont, MD, as well as other Pitt researchers. The approach is an important step toward reducing the alarm fatigue that plagues so many health care practitioners.


Computer Simulation Accurately Replicated Real-Life Trauma Outcomes

A computer simulation, or in silico model, of the body’s inflammatory response to traumatic injury accurately replicated known individual outcomes and predicted population results counter to expectations, according to a study by a Pitt research team which included McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine affiliated faculty members—Yoram Vodovotz, PhD, Timothy Billiar, MD, Ruben Zamora, PhD, and Gregory Constantine, PhD.


Textbook: Host Response to Biomaterials

The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine is proud to recognize the efforts of deputy director Stephen Badylak, DVM, PhD, MD, as editor of the recently published textbook entitled “Host Response to Biomaterials,” which has been published by the Elsevier Academic Press.

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Video: Introduction to the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Need an introduction to what exactly we do at the McGowan Institute? Here is a video that highlights some of our research and scientists.

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